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Before you join

Review the Clan of United Bears Charter

These guidelines will help ensure you and everyone else has an amazing experience as part of <CUB>.

Understand our Motto: "A Home for Bears (and everyone else)"
Our vision when creating this Free Company was to create a home for Bears (hairy, hefty, gay men, in case you don't know) in which everyone can get along and find things in common. Over time we have extended this warm welcome to people from every walk of life and ask that our members continue to promote this vision. Don't just understand it, be it.
Membership in <CUB> is a privilege, not a right
The Free Company was created to provide a welcoming community for Bear players and their friends, however being a Bear or Bear-friendly does not entitle you to guild membership. If you cannot or do not want to follow the guidelines within this Charter, then membership here is not for you.
Public areas are 18+ adult zones
Our members are invited to talk about anything (provided there’s nothing illegal) on our Forums, FC Chat, and any associated linkshells. Topics of conversation may be everyday life things or can even involve sex and sexuality. These areas are not for insults, bigotry, or harassment. The safety of our members comes first. If you are easily offended or quick to fight then Membership in <CUB> may not be for you.
Respect our members
<CUB> enjoys the diversity of players we welcome into our home. We recognize that these may be friends and allies that are both inside and outside the GLBT (bear or not) community. All members have a right to play without harassment and members are expected to treat each other and non-FC members with respect at all times; this includes all leaders/Council members as well. As a member of <CUB>, you do not have an unlimited right to free speech. Council members will intervene if there is any behavior that is considered harassment.
Respect the game you are in
<CUB> does not encourage behavior in the game that will reflect negatively on the Free Company. These behaviors can be spamming, excessive trolling, violating terms of service, supporting real money trading and abuse of Free Company resources that we all share such as our VOIP client, website, in-game housing and in-game storage.
Using Common Sense
Not every situation imaginable is covered in this document and it is important to use common sense in all circumstances. The council members reserve the right to implement more specific rules from time to time and intervene in any situation, even if it is not listed above, if it’s necessary or appropriate for the good of the Free Company or its members.

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This information helps us keep a record of the members of our FC and is only available to <CUB> leadership. Your information is not shared.

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Your FFXIV character's name

NOTE: Your character MUST be on the Behemoth world in the Primal data center to join CUB. If you are not currently on Behemoth, you can submit a world transfer, or start a new character.

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Have you already applied to the Free Company in-game? *

Given the current state of server congestion and login queues, to speed up processing your application, please also apply to join CUB in game. You can do this by visiting the FC Estate in Mist Plot 2, 17 Ward and applying via the Placard in front of the house.

What times of day are you usually online?

In order to invite you to the FC in game, you need to be online at the same time as one of our admins. Please indicate generally what times of day you play so we can coordinate an admin inviting you to join the FC. Please check all that apply.

How did you hear about CUB?
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