Clan of United Bears

<CUB> is a laidback LGBT Free Company in Final Fantasy XIV catering to those mostly ursine in nature. We're hairy heavy homos in harmony.

Clan of United Bears <CUB>

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Primal Behemoth
Active Members
Estate Address
Plot 2, 17 Ward, Mist (Large)
All laidback LGBT forest creatures (mostly ursine in nature) gathered for good times exploring the story. Apply online today @


Leveling Casual Dungeons Guildhests Trials Raids


Tank Healer DPS Crafter Gatherer


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Something for everyone

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Whether you just want to hang out and chat, or run endgame raids, we have something for everyone.

Sprout Friendly
With veteran members that have played for years to new members that just started, we're always available to help you on your FFXIV journey, just ask!
Free Company Amenities
We have a large estate in Mist located on a prime lot close to the beach with easy access to Market Boards, Aetheryte Shards, Vendors, Chocobo Stables, Gardens, and more
Daily Buffs
We maintain 2 FC buffs constantly, rotating each day. These include EXP bonuses, MGP bonuses, Gathering bonuses, and more!
Group Activities
Part of the fun of MMOs is playing with other people. <CUB> provides opportunity for various group activities such as Mount and Minion Farming, Raid Groups, and more!
Active Discord Server
<CUB> has it's own Discord server where members can connect and communicate, both via text and voice chat.
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I’m completely new to the game, new to the group, and even new to the idea of FCs. I love being able to ask any ridiculous, small question and getting really helpful and friendly advice ❤️❤️❤️ It’s great to log in and immediately be surrounded by friendly players in a new and unfamiliar game 🥰🥰🥰

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